//GEAR System-SIL

Gimatech Elastomers Adhesion Rise System – Silicone

The new GEAR System-SIL silicone adhesion process
developed by GIMATECH
allows to apply non-silicone adhesives to silicon rubber gaskets

This new process of coupling double sided adhesives on rubber profiles has been developed thanks to the consolidated experience gained by applying, in outsourced processing, about 600,000 meters/year of gaskets extruded in EPDM-NBR-VITON-CR-TERMOPLASTIC rubber for many gasket manufacturers

high grip on the silicone gasket and on the support
reliability and quality

separation of two silicone gasket both bonded with the same acrylic adhesive
Adhesion Force is greater than Cohesive Force

silicone adhesive applied with traditional method is literally torn away by the acrylic adhesive applied with GEAR System – SIL

It is based on a sequence of surface treatments conceived to increase the molecular energy of silicone

Abrasion: with special abrasive brushes the micro-roughness of the silicone surface is increased (theory of mechanical interlocking)

Chemical activation: using an innovative primer, and a high electro-excitation, it makes the silicone (only the adhesive area) receptive to non-silicone adhesives. No toxic substances are released, and the chemical / structural characteristics of the gasket are not modified or altered (theory of chemical bonding)

Thermal activation: with a proper thermo-activation, the binding processes are promoted and optimal visco-elastic characteristics are obtained for coupling the adhesive to the silicone rubber (theory of diffusion)