Self adhesive silicone

//Self adhesive silicone

GIMATECH candidate itself to adhesive your silicone rubber gaskets, with rubber based adhesives, modified acrylics and pure acrylics.

Thanks to the new GEAR System-SIL technology, the result on silicone gaskets is very similar to what is achieved on normal rubber compounds, that is a tenacious adhesivisation with a wide range of high-performance adhesives suitable for every use.

The GEAR System-SIL adhesion method, despite the complexity of the treatment process, has final costs that are generally considerably lower than those of standard production with silicone adhesives (very expensive, difficult to handle, with large application limits, and production batches generally very high).

The GEAR System-SIL adhesivation process is also suitable for small productions or even prototypes
It allows the adhesivation of profiles with complex shapes.

GEAR System-SIL advantages compared to traditional systems:

  • Generally superior adhesive performances
  • Application possibilities on gaskets with complex section shapes
  • Wide range of applicable adhesives (all those used for EPDM compounds)
  • Limited production batches (from 100 mteres up / prototypes / samples)
  • Lower costs than normal silicone adhesives